Alaskan TV reporter quits while live on air

(KTVA/CNN) — While doing a news segment on the Alaska Cannabis Club, a medical marijuana organization, former KTVA reporter Charlo Greene made an interesting exit from her position at the CBS affiliate.

Greene revealed that she actually owns the marijuana club she was reporting on and then quit her TV gig with some choice words live on air.

The ex-reporter told the Alaska Dispatch News that her dramatic exit was her attempt to bring attention to the issue of marijuana legalization, and apologized for offending anyone.

After Greene’s on-air outburst, KTVA apologized profusely, on air and off.

The station’s news director issued this statement:

By now many of you have seen one of our reporters use inappropriate language and quit her job during Sunday night’s newscast. We apologize.
In addition, she had a personal and business stake in the issue she was reporting, but did not disclose that interest to us. This betrayed the basic bedrock of responsible journalism.

At KTVA we strive to live up to the highest journalistic standards of fairness and transparency. Sunday’s breach of those standards is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

Thank you for watching our news broadcasts and be reassured our mission is to present the kind of journalism that lets you make informed decisions about the community in which we all live.

Bert Rudman
News Director
KTVA 11 News
Anchorage, AK

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