Bishop Museum hosts the return of the ‘blood moon’ viewing on Tuesday

It’s the perfect time to howl at the moon as Bishop Museum hosts the “Return of the Blood Moon,” a viewing party for the upcoming total lunar eclipse. Hawaii is in perfect position to view the total lunar eclipse that will occur late Tuesday evening.

During a lunar eclipse, the earth passes in between the sun and the full moon blocking much of the sun’s light from striking the moon. The partial phase of this lunar eclipse will begin at 11:14 p.m., as the moon starts to enter the earth’s dark inner shadow, or “umbra.” During the partial phase, more and more of a “bite” will be taken out of the moon.

The total phase will last one hour from 12:25 a.m. to 1:24 a.m. During the total phase, the moon will be entirely within the earth’s dark shadow, and the moon will turn very dark and possibly copper red, hence the term “blood moon.”

To celebrate this special event, Bishop Museum is hosting a late night viewing party on Tuesday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. The evening’s activities will include telescope viewing of the eclipse on the museum’s Great Lawn with volunteers from the Hawaiian Astronomical Society. Additionally, the entire museum will be open, “blood moon” shows will be presented in the Watumull Planetarium every hour throughout the evening, and special tours focusing on the moon and the Hawaiian lunar calendar will be conducted in Hawaiian Hall.

As an added bonus, guests will also be able to explore the museum’s recently installed traveling exhibit “Scream Machines: The Science of Roller Coasters.”

Admission costs for this special night are $10 general and $5 for museum members and youth (4-12 years old).

Pre-sale tickets are available at Museum members can go to Ka ‘Elele Online for a discount promotional code.

For those guests 21 years and over, the museum’s Eclipse Lounge Bar will be selling special cocktails and midnight snacks, featuring live music from Keauhou, Beauty and the Beard, and Streetlight Cadence.

For more eclipse information, visit

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