Research shows monk seal births are on the rise

Courtesy: Hawaii DLNR

A recent trip to the northwestern Hawaiian islands brought back some really good results.

According to researchers, monk seal births are up.

They counted 121 monk seal pups this season compared to 103 in 2013 and 111 in 2012.

They also brought back four monk seals to the monk seal hospital in Kona along with two pups that were extremely emaciated.

“They had poor motor function, they were severely dehydrated, they were weak they’re acting like normal seals. they’re vocalizing. they’re able to move around. they’re gettin fatter. so the prognosis right now is still really guarded but really quite good for these two animals,” NOAA’s Monk Seal Research Program Lead Scientist Dr. Charles Littnan said.

The research team also moved 11 female monk seals to different islands within the area to better their chances of survival and reproduction.

They cleaned up over 2,000 pounds of marine debris.

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