Packers QB Aaron Rodgers surprises girl, helps spread pediatric cancer awareness

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

HARTLAND, WI (WITI/CNN) – Aaron Rodgers has done it again.

The latest It’s Aaron video featuring the Green Bay Packers quarterback has gone viral.

Not for highlights on the football field, but for what he did for a young girl from Hartland, Wisconsin.

In a back yard in Hartland, when they say “fame can change you” – it’s clear, for 12-year-old Annie Bartosz that hasn’t happened.

The only thing changing, is what Annie is doing for us.

“Well I created a childhood cancer awareness project, called Gold in September,” Annie explains.

Cancer has hit Bartoz’s family hard.

It’s been 9 years to the day, her twin brother Jack, was diagnosed. He passed away, two years ago.

“We miss Jack dearly. With all of out hearts, we know Jack would want us to do something positive, and make a difference, so Annie has embraced that,” Annie’s mother Sarah Bartosz said.

A passion to make a difference, about to get a big boost.

“It was incredibly difficult to keep the secret for over 2 months!” Sarah said.

“Annie thinks she’s doing an interview for pediatric cancer, but I’m her interview,” Rodgers explains on his YouTube video.

In a twist, the tables turn.

“I feel important,” Annie said.

“You’re very important,” Rodgers replied.

The teen never glancing up, to see who her makeup artists is.

“Oh my God it’s Aaron Rodgers!!! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Annie said excitedly.

“Well, what do you think? Want to go knock on some doors?” Rodgers asked.

For three hours, the Packers star helps promote her dream of getting people to wear gold in September.

Each knock in a Shorewood neighborhood, bringing a surprise for someone new.

“Like I said, I can’t even remember. Haha. I’m still like oh yeah, that did happen,” Annie said.

With her video now going viral, we ask, what is Aaron Rodgers really like?

“Attractive. Haha! He’s just a genuine nice person who honestly cares about people,” Annie said.

A teenage girl getting help from the Packers biggest player, with the rest of discovering who the biggest star really is.

The six-minute video has been viewed more than 200-thousand times on YouTube.

We’re told Rodgers was close to Annie’s brother before he died.

In the video, Rodgers said Jack was a “special kid” who meant a lot to him and who was a big inspiration to him.

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