Las Vegas marijuana grow house busted after YouTube post

YouTube post leads to arrest
YouTube post leads to arrest

LAS VEGAS (KLAS/CNN) – In Las Vegas, a marijuana grow house has been busted thanks to YouTube.

The suspect won’t get to enjoy his garden anymore.

“Not very smart,” said Lt. Laz Chavez, Las Vegas Metro Police.

Las Vegas Metro Police say they busted a marijuana grow house after YouTube videos were posted.

“It was brazen,” Lt. Chaves said.

It’s a bust which even surprises the narcotics officer.

“In my opinion the most arrogant of all of em that I’ve seen,” Lt. Chavez said.

Chavez says police were tipped off to these posts from the name buddynuggets78.

The person was showing through YouTube the marijuana grow, week by week.

“We were able to research it, utilize some electronic equipment that we have as well as old school surveillance and help from the community to identify the residents,” Lt. Chavez said.

Police say Jason and Stephanie Pelletier, both 35, rent the Southwest Valley home and were taken into custody.

During the Friday raid, officers discovered about 200 marijuana plants growing in the garage and bedroom with some pot ready for sale soon.

Lt. Chavez says Jason Pelletier has a history with guns and drugs.

“This was a hardened criminal with a very serious criminal history and they were in the process of harvesting and then selling the drugs inevitably here in Las Vegas,” Lt. Chavez said.

Now Jason Pelletier could face felony charges.

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