Judge dismisses petition to verify former House speaker’s residence

Calvin Say

A Circuit Court judge has dismissed a petition that asks the court to verify the residence of state Rep. Calvin Say.

The former House Speaker represents St. Louis Heights, Palolo, Maunalani Heights, Wilhelmina Rise and Kaimuki.

In 2012, six registered voters in Palolo filed a petition, claiming Say has lived for years at his wife’s family’s home in Pacific Heights while the home he claims residency with, on 10th Avenue, remains vacant.

The ruling by Judge Karen Nakasone says the state House of Representatives must “judge the qualifications of its own members” and any interference by the court “would not only be unconstitutional, but also premature, unwise and inefficacious.”

In response to the ruling, Say said in a statement: “I am pleased with the court’s decision today. I have long maintained that I am a lifelong resident of the district and have had the privilege of serving the district since 1976. Hopefully today’s ruling will put a conclusion to this debate so we can focus on the many issues facing the state.”

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