Roadwork affects local Waipio businesses

Road work is something we’re all familiar with here in Hawaii.

While it’s meant to make things better, one business in Waipio says the work on her street is causing major problems.

Roadwork always seems to cause headaches for drivers or the businesses located nearby but for Sabrina Dela Rama it’s been an ongoing nightmare.

“I can honestly tell you when we did the numbers today we are losing $30,000 from this construction,” said Dela Rama.

Del Rama is the manager of Tony Group Collision Center in Waipio, and she says her business is suffering because of a city project on Ka Uka Boulevard.

The work is to reconstruct the pavement, curbs and gutters as well as resurface the road.

“There was no notice given to the business and we were unaware that it was going to affect our driveway or make it difficult for customers to get to us,” said Dela Rama

KHON2 News went to the city to find out why she wasn’t notified.

“For pretty much every road repaving project and all the projects the rail does they (whoever is doing the work) go out and directly contact the business owners that are going to be affected,” said, city spokesperson, Jesse Broder Van Dyke.

But in this case Dela Rama says she had no idea the construction was coming.

“It’s part of their contracts to be responsible for notifying business along with anyone who would be affected,” said Broder Van Dyke. “So as soon as we received this complaint today the department of design and construction contacted road and highway builders and they’re going to be contacting the business to find out where the miscommunication happened.”

Another problem she is facing is that the construction vehicles are now blocking the entrance to her business and many customers think her business is closed when in fact it isn’t.

“They should have helped us with rerouting to let us know what’s going on so we could at least let our customers know.”

And as the construction goes on, she just hopes the contractors can get on the same page with the business that it is hurting so she can get back to making money instead of losing it.

“We understand it needs to be done,” said Dela Rama. “We’re grateful that the city is doing it, but communication. Everyone needs communication.”

The construction on Ka Uka Boulevard is estimated to be finished in December.


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