South Carolina father and son invent electronic shark repellent device

(WCIV/CNN) — A South Carolina father and son team have created a new device that keeps swimmers safe from sharks.

“Most shark attacks occur in murky water where the shark is just relying on its electrical sense to see what is around it and occasionally they will come up to people and take a nip out of you to see what you are.”

But who wants to wait around for that to happen? Not Nathan Garrison and his dad, David, who were determined to take out the fear factor from the ocean they loved so much.

“After one particularly frightening day in the water, it was really spooky,” said Nathan Garrison. “I came in and said ‘enough, it is time to do something about this,’ and we started researching different technologies that were available.”

After three years of research and design, the solution came in a rather simple form — a magnetic wrist band called Sharkbanz that wards off sharks. The father-son team invented the product with the help of shark repellent technology scientists.

“Sharks have the most sensitive electrical receptors in the animal kingdom. It puts off a field that really disrupts that electrical sense. It is really unpleasant for the shark but it doesn’t harm them and it turns around and flees.”

And Nathan and his dad would know — they put their product to the test, inserting their Sharkbanz in the middle of chum and then swam with the sharks.

Worn on the wrist or ankle, the magnetic wrist band is the small size of a watch with the big power to repel a shark.

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