HFD promotes dozens of Honolulu firefighters

Mission Memorial Auditorium

The Honolulu Fire Department held a ceremony Thursday to recognize dozens of newly promoted firefighters.

The ceremony took place at Mission Memorial Auditorium on S. King Street.

The following “Fire Fighter IIIs” were recognized:

  • Keoni Abaya
  • Ari Agpaoa
  • Jean-Claude Bisch
  • Justin Brownfield
  • Brian Calhoun
  • Kealiiaukai Cambra
  • Samuel Chong
  • Michael DePonte
  • Ernesto Ducusin Jr.
  • Brandon Facchini
  • Brandon Felix
  • Emmett Hall IV
  • Chad Higashi
  • Bryce Hiraki
  • Todd Isayama
  • Chad Koide
  • Micah Komine
  • Russell Marchan
  • Roy Miyasaki
  • Vincent Mokulehua
  • Christopher Nolan
  • Cade Oyadomari
  • Kealii Paiaina
  • Gilbert Reyes Jr.
  • Charles Riemer
  • Charles Spencer Sr.
  • David Stackhouse
  • Brandon Stevens
  • Dean Stowell
  • Alika Winter
  • Rik Yanagida
  • Dave Ogawa

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