Kapiolani Blvd. changes send mixed signals to drivers

Kapiolani Boulevard

Some portions of Kapiolani Boulevard are sending mixed messages to drivers.

Instead of a double solid line, there are broken yellow lines between S. King Street and Ward Avenue. That should mean that a driver is allowed to make a left turn against oncoming traffic.

“Normally, I think the double yellow means you’re not supposed to drive across there, but when I see it spaced like that, it would appear that you could drive through there,” one person said.

“As you were asking about those center lines being blacked out in between, it gives you the impression that maybe you can pass,” another person said.

The problem is, there are also signs up and down the street that say “No Left Turn.”

“If I see that ‘No Left Turn’ sign, then I won’t make a left turn,” said Shawn Yoshimoto, who works nearby.

“I think it’s confusing and I’m confused enough the way it is,” another person said.

Other folks KHON2 spoke to say they don’t think the signs and the lines really impact drivers.

“Like I said, no accidents, no problems. The minute it starts becoming accidents, then you have problems,” said Ted West.

The city’s Department of Transportation Services said a contractor painted the double solid yellow lines, but it was changed since the area is contraflowed at certain times.

The city says drivers should obey the signs and not turn left, even if there are broken lines.

The following is a statement from DTS director Mike Formby:

Solid double yellow lines means a motorist may not cross the lines except to turn left (where not prohibited). The purpose of these lines is to keep motorists from crossing over into opposing traffic. However, if there is a driveway, you may cross solid double yellow lines to make a left turn as long as the left turn is not prohibited.



Double broken yellow lines are used to indicate the edge of a reversible traffic lane where the direction of traffic may be changed from time to time (i.e., contraflowed). On Kapiolani, the contractor originally installed solid double yellow lines. Since certain areas are contraflowed at certain times, DTS asked the contractor to convert the solid double yellow lines into double broken yellow lines to indicate permission to cross the lines during contraflow situations. However, as noted by Ms. Yoro, due to safety concerns, left turns across the double broken yellow lines are prohibited by signage in certain areas. Drivers should obey the signs and not turn left where prohibited, even if the double yellow lines are broken.



The relevant statute is HRS Section 291C-38(b), Longitudinal traffic lane markings.

kapiolani blvd no left turn

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