North Carolina child gives ‘blessing bags’ to homeless

Caiden Perez
Caiden Perez

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (WFMY/CNN) – In North Carolina a little boy is doing his part to help those without a place to call home.

At first he had an ambitious idea, but for now he’s starting small.

Caiden Perez is your typical seven-year-old boy. He’s a fan of most super heroes, and has plenty of energy.

But there is something that makes this second-grader stand out.

“Caiden came to me first and he must have been inspired somehow, but he told me he wanted to go out and help people in need,” said Caiden’s father Manny Perez.

“Because it makes them happy,” Caiden explained.

His original idea, a pizza party for the homeless in Winston-Salem.

Instead, he and his dad passed out “blessing bags.”

“They’re full of little items like socks, clean pair of socks, toothpaste, shampoo, things that they would need,” Manny said.

“And one of the guys said, you brought me my favorite present, socks!??” Caiden said.

Caiden’s dad got the whole thing on tape hoping to inspire others.

“I’d tell them to help them ’cause they can’t survive without water or stuff,” Caiden said.

And his helping heart isn’t stopping there.

“I want to go back,” Caiden said.

“It’s something that I hope he can live with forever and keep hold of that,” Manny said.

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