Cancer researchers share progress and success stories

At the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, researchers are actively seeking cures, as well as helping to restore health back to diagnosed patients.

On Tuesday, they shared with the public their latest progress at the “Quest for a Cure” event at the center.

One aspect that’s been getting a lot of attention is lung cancer. Researchers say electronic cigarettes are becoming popular among Hawaii residents and one component they are currently examining is the differences in e-cigarette usage among various ethnic groups.

“The more we know about how cancer functions, the more we know how to attack them, and the better off we are going to be as we develop new therapies,” said Dr. Joe Ramos.

Researchers also shared success stories, like 22-year old Mari Galiher, who is a cancer survivor and took part in one of the center’s clinical trials.

Cancer Center officials say they hope to continue bringing more clinical trials and cutting edge research to Hawaii in order to gain a better understanding of the many-faceted disease and how to treat it.

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