Honolulu firefighter avoids sentence for terroristic threatening, impersonating an officer

Carlin Jones

A Honolulu firefighter accused of trying to run over a group of men in Waikiki will need to be on his best behavior.

In March, police say Carlin Jones drove his car toward the men, threatened them and claimed he was a police officer.

He was not on-duty at the time.

Jones initially pleaded “not guilty” to charges of terroristic threatening and impersonating a police officer. He later changed his plea to “no contest.”

“Mr. Jones has no record,” defense attorney Howard Luke previously told KHON2. “He’s a firefighter. He’s a good man, a good family man. He’s the father of a very young child. He was on his way home and unfortunately this incident occurred and here we are today.”

Jones was granted a deferred acceptance plea Friday, which means the court will put a hold on proceedings. If he can avoid trouble for four years, the court will dismiss the charges.

According to HRS §853-1, the court can do this if it appears the defendant is not likely to perform another criminal act or endanger the welfare of others.

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