Video shows alleged police beating inside Ala Moana area business

New video has surfaced that shows a Honolulu police officer allegedly beating two men during a gambling raid in the Ala Moana area.

Sources tell us that that the police department and the FBI are investigating the incident.

It reportedly happened last month inside an establishment on Hopaka Street that has now been shuttered.

Witnesses say police officers, including the Special Services Division or SWAT, raided the place because it was suspected as an illegal gambling hall.

Multiple sources say one of the officers beat up two men inside. The officer allegedly kicked one man in the face, smashed a chair and hit one of the men in the head.

Sources say three officers are being investigated for the incident — one for allegedly beating the suspects and two officers for just standing by.

It’s unclear why the victims of the beating are claiming that their civil rights have been violated, but according to sources, that has triggered the FBI to investigate the case.

A spokesman for the FBI says it cannot confirm or deny that an investigation exists until charges are officially filed.

Sources tell KHON2 that the beating was captured on videotape because there were security cameras inside, and the officer accused of the beating is part of the Crime Reduction Unit assigned to District 1, which covers central Honolulu.

The officer has hired David Hayakawa as his attorney. Hayakawa says he has no comment at this time.

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