Man dies in waters off East Oahu, second swimmer identified but still missing

UPDATE 10/13/2014: Search concludes for missing woman near Hanauma Bay hiking trail

Rescuers are scouring the waters off Hanauma Bay in East Oahu Friday night searching for a woman who went for a hike, but never returned.

It’s the same area where a man was found dead earlier Friday afternoon. Rescuers are looking for 34-year-old Noemi Alcotas.

Her belongings were found around 1 p.m. Friday at an area known as Baboon’s Nose near the Hanauma Bay hiking trail.

When firefighters got there they found the body of a man in his 30s in the water.

He was airlifted to a nearby boat harbor where he was pronounced dead.

Noemi Alcotas
Noemi Alcotas

But there are still no signs of Alcotas.

The area where Alcotas’ belongings were found, is restricted to the public.

Alcotas is 34, 5-foot, 130 lbs., with brown hair and eyes. She also suffers from a medical condition that requires daily medication.

Rescuers have responded to emergencies at the Hanauma Bay area in the past.

“The difficulty is some of the most beautiful places in Hawaii are some of the most dangerous places in Hawaii,” said State Rep. Gene Ward.

“Right now the search does continue for a second person. It’s believed there are two people because two backpacks were found in the area,” said Shayne Enright, Emergency Medical Services spokesperson.

The area is known as Baboons Nose near Hanauma Bay and it’s an area Rep. Ward is familiar with.

“When they get into that water particularly off baboons nose you cant get out, you’re basically in a death trap,” said Ward.

“It is a very dangerous area,” said Enright. “Although the surf wasn’t large or very big today it only takes one wave to come and knock you off your feet.”

It’s also dangerous because there are no lifeguards in the area.

Also, the main access to get there is through a gate that is usually closed. Signs posted on the gate notify people that there is no trespassing and to keep out.

“Now what we need is more education and more signs, signs that are big, signs that are specific,” said Ward.

And that’s exactly what Representative Ward is looking into in some of these dangerous areas.

“Right now I’m working with the city and county to make the signs bigger and fines for spitting caves specifically are going to be levied,” said Ward.

And will other dangerous areas be looked into?

“Not that many people have been jumping off Baboon’s nose, but if they do it’s going to be the same thing as spitting caves, those types of things have to change,” said Ward.

The search for Alcotas will continue Saturday morning.

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