Pilot project will inform bus riders of arrival times at Kalihi stops

A new pilot project launching in November is aimed at getting Oahu bus riders to their destinations on time.

Waysine, a local tech start-up company, is finalizing a project that will install digital, wireless, solar-powered signs showing bus arrival times at various city bus stops in the Kalihi-Kapalama area.

“Yesterday, I was on Hotel Street across from Longs. I waited for the number 9 (bus) to go to the Navy Exchange. I waited over 30-something minutes! I just missed the 9:50,” said Nathan Paleka, who rides the bus every day.

Officials say the new digital signs will keep riders better informed on when their bus will arrive. It uses GPS to give bus riders an accurate time on when the bus will reach their stop.

The signs will also be used for emergency messages.

Expect to see 20 new digital signs at bus stops in the Kalihi-Kapalama area come November.

The new digital signs are just a test and isn’t costing the city any money at the moment.

But if the pilot project is successful, expanding it would come with a price.

“It’s a matter of finding the funding,” said Mike Formby of the Department of Transporation Services. “Now we look for grant opportunities and federal funding to help us. If we can get that kind of program together, we will try to implement it.”

The digital signs will be up for six months.

Officials will use that time to see whether the signs are accurate and can withstand the elements and other factors, which include vandalism.

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