UH football game interrupted by laser pointer

A green laser directed at a Wyoming football player.

There was a brief delay in Saturday night’s game after a major distraction on the field during the fourth quarter.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Please, a reminder. Laser pointers are not allowed to be used inside of Aloha Stadium,” an announcer said during the game.

“There were reports of a laser being shot from the stands and projecting onto some of the players on the field. Most notably, the Wyoming quarterback,” said Ben Jay, University of Hawaii athletics director.

It’s against state law to harass, annoy, or alarm anyone by shining a laser pointer at them. It’s also against the law for minors to have those devices.

“To your knowledge, has this ever happened at Aloha Stadium before?” KHON2 asked.

“To my knowledge, it hasn’t been. My knowledge, it really hasn’t happened at a college football game in recent memory that I can recall. But I think the spate of some of the recent NFL games that have been affected by lasers probably prompted this person to do such a really idiotic act,” Jay said.

Jay says Saturday night’s incident was not only embarrassing for the university, it’s also no laughing matter.

“This is not a funny situation. This is a young man who could’ve gotten injured. So that’s why we’re going to be very strong and strenuous in trying to make sure that this doesn’t happen again in the future,” Jay said.

Jay says he will talk to Stadium Authority officials about what can be done.

“Our stadium people do their best. There are bag checks and there are searches,” Jay said.

The Rainbow Warriors are on the road next week, but Jay says Mountain West Conference officials have been notified and will be on the lookout for laser pointers at other stadiums.

“This is just a reminder, but a serious reminder to the fans. That this has no place in Aloha Stadium. It has no place at University of Hawaii Football games. And we will go after whomever uses these instruments during a game,” Jay said.

Jay also contacted Wyoming’s head coach and athletics director to apologize for Saturday night’s incident.

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