3-year-old Nevada golfer with one arm inspires

Tommy Morrissey
Tommy Morrissey

MESQUITE, NV (KSNV/CNN) – This week more than 60 golfers with disabilities tee’d off at a long drive championship in Mesquite, Nevada.

They set an important example for one three-year-old budding golfer, who’s got quite a swing.

Meet Nemo.

Well the 3-year-old’s name is Tommy Morrissey.

Tommy and his father, Joe, will explain.

“What do you call your short arm?” Joe asks Tommy.

“Nemo,” Tommy replies.

“Nemo our buddy?”

Tommy was born with a short arm, but at just 18 months he picked up the game of golf and rarely lets it get far.

“Tommy, when you go to bed at night, what do you put in your bed with you?” Joe asks.

“Golf gloves,” Tommy answers.

No teddy bears here, but this little boy has a monster swing.

“I kept it straight, down the middle,” Tommy proudly said.

“Nice ball buddy,” his mother, Marcia, said.

Marcia is documenting it all.

The ParaLong Drive Competition in mesquite is full of stories like Tommy’s.

All are welcome, those with disabilities from birth, those with prosthetics, and the blind.

All vying for a chance at the longest drive.

Anthony Netto from the Stand Up and Play Foundation cannot walk but he helped design a wheelchair that lets him get up and play.

“It’s all about learning to carry on again, working with a disability. And I say it’s the ability, not the disability,” said Netto.

Every athlete here an inspiration to others, and probably better golfers too.

Andre Carrier helped organize this event.

“In a world that we’re so consumed sometimes with messages that seem to be hopeless, this is an essential message of hope,” Carrier said.

“Your ball doesn’t always fly straight, it doesn’t always fly long, but we try again,” said Netto.

A message little Tommy has already learned.

On the next drive, it’s time to strut his stuff.

“He doesn’t know the difference of being out on this golf course and cameras being on him, he’s just a little boy that likes to play golf,” said his proud father.

A boy playing golf who we can all learn something from.

Joe says his son is too young to join any sort of competition, for now.

But for them, it’s about enjoying some quality time together.

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