Hawaii Gas advises customers to prepare for Hurricane Ana


Hawaii Gas is asking the public to be prepared and exercise caution as Hurricane Ana approaches.

Propane tank and cylinder customers of Hawaii Gas should not shut off their gas supply.

Customers should only shut off their gas supply if they are advised to evacuate their homes by state authorities. If a customer is advised to shut off their gas, only a trained Hawaii Gas employee can turn it back on. Customers advised to shut off their gas due to storm-related conditions will not be charged to restart their service.

Hawaii Gas is working closely with State Civil Defense to prepare for Hurricane Ana. Crews have secured equipment and facilities on all islands, and have filled and topped off gas supplies at hospitals and at government and emergency response facilities. Essential-use employees at Hawaii Gas are being scheduled to assist in any emergency response that may be needed.

The company’s Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Plant in Campbell Industrial Park on O’ahu is operating, and personnel are closely monitoring Hurricane Ana.

Hawaii Gas currently has an adequate supply of feedstock for the SNG Plant. For an added layer of energy security, Hawaii Gas is also preparing its propane-air and LNG backup units at Pier 38 as a backup to the SNG Plant.

Hawaii Gas also has an adequate supply of propane through its bulk storage facilities on all major Hawaiian Islands and can move supply as needed. Hawaii Gas sources propane from two local refineries and foreign imports, ensuring a reliable supply.

Hawaii Gas will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available. Customers with questions regarding gas service can contact their local Hawaii Gas branch or visit http://www.hawaiigas.com.


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