Maui businesses and residents prepare for Ana

It was a beautiful day on Maui. There were brief showers in some areas, but for the most part, fairly sunny.

Maui County could start to see the effects of hurricane Ana overnight.

The county can expect high wind, heavy rain, and large surf especially for the south shores.

Earlier on Friday KHON2 spoke to businesses who are preparing for Ana’s arrival.

The manager of a Kihei dive shop tells me while he is losing out on business, he stresses that safety is the main priority

“Emergency shelters are not open at this time. but county officials will announce locations as needed,” said Andrew Sheil, manager at Snorkel Bob’s.

County parks, campgrounds, and recreational facilities will be closed on Saturday.

“Anytime you hear anything about a storm on the news, it freaks tourists out. And they don’t really want to hit the water in dangerous conditions, which is smart of course. We don’t want anyone getting hurt out there,” Sheil said. We just have to give them the best advice we can. Normally, tell them to wait it out.”

KHON2 spoke to Kihei residents to find out how they feel about the approaching storm.

“We have like candles and things of that sort. And I know where they’re all at because Iselle made me get organized. We have a lot of water because we always have a lot of water on hand,” said Kihei resident Jennifer Nielesky.

“If it’s big rain, a lot of times upcountry will flood down and flood out through some streets. I’ve seen cars floating before and if there’s high surf, a lot of houses along south kihei. They get a lot of flooding,” Kihei resident Brenton Deardorff said.

Classes and events at UH Maui College will be canceled this weekend. They should resume on Monday.

On Thursday, KHON2 spoke to Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa. He’s encouraging residents to stay home and off the roads on Saturday, if possible.

Maui County civil defense officials say they will continue to monitor hurricane Ana, and keep an eye on its development.


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