Ohio theft suspect leaves name, address, and phone number behind

Mary Jo Rickard
Mary Jo Rickard

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Niles police say a woman’s luck ran out when she left something behind while trying to steal scratch off lottery tickets.

A clerk said he was working at McQuaids Sunoco on Route 46 in Niles Wednesday when a woman walked into the store and asked to fill out a job application.

Surveillance video shows the woman reaching over the lottery stand and grabbing the tickets. The suspect in the video is 25-year-old Mary Jo Rickard.

The clerk grew suspicious of Rickard after he heard a ripping sound coming from where the woman was standing. The clerk then checked his lottery list and noticed two $20 tickets were missing. As the woman was walking from the store, one of the tickets fell from her jacket.

The clerk confronted Rickard, but she ran from the store leaving the job application behind completely filled out with her name, address, social security number, and phone number. The application even indicates that Rickard was convicted of assault in 2010.

Niles Police Captain Ken Criswell said this crime rates as one of the dumbest he has seen.

“A lot of times you will get lucky and somebody will drop their wallet or leave their cell phone behind when they get into a fight, but this was pretty senseless,” Criswell said.

A warrant has been issued for Rickard’s arrest.

The stolen lottery tickets are worthless because they were immediately canceled.

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