Oahu gets heavy rain, boost in surf

Waves on Oahu's south shore

Rainy conditions and not hint of sunshine in the sky. That seemed to be the case just about everywhere on Oahu.

With Ana passing below the island chain, Oahu’s south shores are seeing a boost in surf.

“For a Sunday, it’s pretty not crowded at all. I like it. It’s better for me,” said bodyboarder Preston Shinew.

The large swell didn’t stop bodyboarders or surfers from hitting the water. But officials are sending a strong message to beachgoers, especially to those who are inexperienced.

“Don’t be fooled. If you head out and you’re not really familiar with this, you can get in serious trouble,” said Ocean Safety Chief Jim Howe.

Bodyboarders we spoke to say they understand the risk of getting into the water.

“If you don’t know how to surf or you don’t know how to bodyboard, or you can’t swim very well, you shouldn’t go out ’cause you’re just going to get in the way anyways,” said bodyboarder Conor Baldwin.

As for the conditions?

“They’re choppy. A little off shore and scattered everywhere. Definition of storm surf,” said Shinew.

“But still a lot of fun?” KHON2 asked.

“Yeah. Yeah,” said Shinew.

City officials are also urging the public to stay out of brown water.

“And once that water goes brown, that starts to attract sharks and predators. We get that marine debris. So folks, it really is not time to go out into the ocean. It is very hazardous,” said Howe.

We also caught up with visitors in Waikiki, who say the hotels are keeping them updated on Ana’s track.

“We’re definitely well-informed about what’s going on. And it’s good that it passed by rather than hitting us directly,” said visitor Nicola Macrae.

“Does this put a damper on your vacation?” KHON2 asked.

“Not really. We just buy some ponchos and keep going anyway. It’s not too bad,” said visitor Jacob Campton.

While Ana has moved past Oahu, officials say we should still be on guard.

“We want everyone to be very, very careful. But the good news is that it looks like we’ve dodged a bullet yet again and we’re ready for the next one. And I think all of us are better prepared,” said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

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