$2 million Pagani Huarya supercar comes to USA

Pagani Huarya

Transcript from CNNMoney’s Peter Valdes-Dapena:

There are days when I say to myself, I can’t believe they’re letting me drive this!

Today was one of those days.

A $2 million Italian supercar: the Pagani Huarya.

Odds are, you’ve never heard of a Pagani Huarya.

And that’s probably because you can’t afford one.

But still, it’s pretty cool, and not just because of the price tag.

It was exciting just to sit in this car!

Look at that Interior!

It’s like sitting inside a giant pocketwatch.

I’ve never seen so much intricately-designed shiny metal in one place.

Even the body is made out of some of the most expensive stuff around: carbon fiber and carbo-tanium.

That’s carbon fiber mixed with titanium.

Super strong; super-light; super pricey.

The Pagani Huayra really is fun to drive.

Of course it’s fast, but it’s also really intimate, in a mechanical kind of way.

The car lets you feel and hear everything it’s doing, all the time.

You hear the engine.

You hear the transmission ticking through the gears.

Through the steering wheel, your hands feel every inch of asphalt passing under the car, and under your seat, your body feels the weight shifting from side to side through the turn.

Flaps don’t slow down the car, even though the body’s steady in corners.

One thing, though: the Huarya can be a little scary.

This is not a car that makes you feel like it’s going to save you if you mess up.

The brakes were gentler than I expected, and I needed to press hard to slow down.

I definitely had the sense that if I wasn’t careful, this could turn into a very expensive day at the track.

Now, back to the $2 million question: is driving this car really five times better than driving a Ferarri?

Of course not.

Nothing, and I mean nothing is five times better than driving a Ferarri.

You buy this car because you want one for your collection, and you can spare the 2 million bucks.

For their 50th birthday, some guys might buy a Porsche or a Corvette.

Some really lucky guys might buy a car like this.

I’m not in that league, but for my 50th birthday, at least I got to drive a $2 million supercar.

I’ll take that.

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