Brazen Aina Haina burglary just one of several in neighborhood

Honolulu police are checking several leads they received since Wednesday night, after KHON2 first aired a story about a home burglary in Aina Haina.

Neighbors are startled and now on the lookout following the brazen afternoon burglary that was caught on camera while the residents were gardening.

The Tsukamoto family contacted KHON2 via Report It with surveillance video, and the woman in the video is now wanted for questioning by police.

Neighbors say they’re shocked by the burglary and, as it turns out, this was not an isolated incident.

We checked HPD’s Crime Mapping and learned that while the neighborhood may look quiet and secure, it’s also been hit by a rash of recent burglaries.

There were four burglaries reported in the last two weeks, including two that happened on the same street where the Tsukamoto family lives.

They shared home video with KHON2 in which a woman goes into their home uninvited while they were outside doing yard work.

The Tsukamotos say someone stole $30,000 worth of jewelry.

“It has been historically a low-crime area,” said Jonathan Hirahara, who lives near the Tsukamotos. “It comes as a shock that we’ve had some incidents… We’ve had some people come in our yard and take some fruits from our tree.”

After that, Hirahara installed a camera inside his home, facing his fruit trees. He also installed several cameras around his house for added protection.

“Broad daylight, that’s the most brazen thing these burglars can do,” said another neighbor, Chester Bow.

Bow relies on his “security guard,” a dog named Emmett, as well as motion sensors around his house.

“It’s not like the old days where you can just keep the doors open and the neighbors come and go,” Bow said.

Neighborhood Security Watch signs are posted on light poles and several homes had alarm systems and video cameras.

So are more people buying security equipment? At least one company says yes.

At Cam Security, business has increased 30 to 40 percent. The company says customers come from across the state, but there has been one small change.

“(We have) a lot more elderly people looking for alarm systems,” said Matt Lau with Cam Security. “A lot of them will give us a call in response to if they’ve heard of a robbery or something, then they’ll start looking around.”

But for some, even that’s not enough. “I was even thinking of putting a fence,” Hirahara said.

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