California tech workers illegally paid in rupees, $1.24 per hour

Electronics for Imaging
Electronics for Imaging

FREMONT, CA (KGO/CNN) – $1.24 per hour?

That’s how much a California company is accused of paying employees.

And the U.S. Department of Labor says Electronics for Imaging in Fremont, California delivered those payments in rupees.

That’s the currency used in India.

The issue dates back to September 2013, when the company flew eight of its employees in India to the U.S. to help with a project.

They were in the San Francisco bay area for about three months.

Some of the employees reportedly worked more than 100-hours a week, making just a $1.24 per hour.

A spokesperson for Electronics for Imaging, or EFI, says the company didn’t realize there was a problem until they were contacted by the labor department.

They say they were paying the employees what they were making in India.

EFI says the move was not intentional.

They’ve since paid those employees about $40,000 in unpaid wages and are working to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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