Kidnapped Arkansas dog found in Colorado

Trucker the pit bull
Trucker the pit bull

FAYETTEVILLE, AR (KFSM/CNN) – A dog taken from his home in Arkansas is found hundreds of miles away in Colorado.

Meet Trucker, a 4-year-old pit bull taken from his owner’s apartment on June 28.

112 days later, the owner’s sister got a call that Trucker had been found west of Denver.

“I had basically given up, then we had gotten a wonderful phone call,” said Trucker’s owner Graham Holiman.

Holiman says he was letting a man stay with him when one day the man took Trucker and left.

When they heard the news on Friday, Holiman and his sister, Julia Clark, left early Saturday morning and drove the 15 hours and nearly one thousand miles to pick up Trucker from the shelter.

A worker had scanned the dog and found a microchip with the owner’s name and phone number.

“I felt like I was going to hyperventilate because I was so excited like please just bring him out I want to know that it’s him,” Holiman said.

“It was the happiest, overwhelming warm feeling I felt because I’ve been going through hell, okay this is my boy,” Holiman said.

Shelter workers say the dog was turned in by a woman who was approached by a homeless man.

The woman says he wanted a bag of marijuana for the dog, or $50.

The woman paid him the $50, then took Trucker to a shelter.

“It makes her a really special person…we’re just glad to have trucker home,” Clark said.

Trucker’s vet says he lost around 15 pounds. But Holiman and Clark say he’s already back to his normal self.

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