Local non-profits meet fundraising goals via crowdfunding


Make a difference in your community and support a cause you strongly believe in with the click of your mouse.

Thanks to this website, the Blue Planet Foundation has already helped Laniakea YWCA relight its building and the Boys and Girls Club is looking to do the same thing.

“Increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs, that will save a lot of our resources to better serve our kids and provide them with the programs they need to provide great futures,” said Jennifer Freas, Boys and Girls Club.

Freas looks at this opportunity as a chance to instruct the children in the importance of energy conservation for their own futures.

“We’re trying to teach our kids about energy efficiency and the importance of embracing it because we are importing so much of our fossil fuel. It’s such a burden on our economy and it’s a benefit to them to learn about energy efficiency,” she said.

Fundraising for new lighting at the Boys and Girls Club began with Wefficiency, a website set up by the Blue Planet Foundation — one that proved highly successful for the downtown YWCA.

“This is going to help us save energy, going to help us do more of the invaluable service that we provide for the community,” said David Aquino, Blue Planet Foundation. “People stepped up and said yes, this is something I want to support and within 60 days, they were able to find the help that they needed.”

It’s easy to sign up and find the non-profit you want to support.

“People can go on to the website, and make pledges, usually small pledges in the $10, $20, $30 range,” Aquino said. “They say hey, yes, this is a project I want to see happen for my non-profit. So it’s the website that makes it all happen.”

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