Why rainy weather delays city’s fight against potholes

After recent rainy weather, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell says the city resuming work to fill Oahu’s pothole-riddled roads.

“We fill them at a huge pace,” he said. “The problem is whenever we get another heavy rain, they pop up again.”

Potholes are created when water gets underneath the asphalt, and pressure from cars lifts the asphalt from the road.

That’s why, Caldwell says, crews must wait for sunny weather to fill existing potholes.

“Otherwise, we’re back the next day and people are yelling, ‘Look, the county just filled it and they didn’t do a very good job,'” he explained.

The city is working to first fill large, deep potholes, and holes in major thoroughfares, “and then we go to the others,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell says the city’s ongoing repaving projects should help prevent water from seeping underground and producing more potholes.

The city and state have different hotlines to report potholes.

Report a pothole on a city road by calling 768-7777 or submitting an online form. For potholes on state roads, call 536-7852.

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