Ebola suits unveiled at state informational meeting

Hawaii health officials held an informational meeting on Tuesday to discuss the Ebola threat.

Officials addressed any questions folks might have about the deadly virus.

KHON also got a chance to see a suit that a frontline health care worker would put on if handling a patient with Ebola.

“This is all about protecting the health care worker from risk,” said Toby Clairmont of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii. “And the risk of course is from the blood and body fluids coming from a potential Ebola patient. So you have on this side two different types, but they’re essentially the same, they’re impermeable suits, no fluids will get through them and make skins contact.”

“We’ve been assured by the CDC, our federal government as well that we will be notified of any travelers who may have travelled to any of these countries, within the 21-day incubation period,” said Dr. Sarah Park of the State Health Department.

The State Health Department says it has been in contact with hospitals across the state and is ready if any person comes down with Ebola-like symptoms.

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