Hauula town hall meeting to address ongoing flooding problems

Kaluanui Stream

Many Hauula residents say they’re fed up with flooding in their neighborhood.

Residents say Kaluanui Stream, which is downslope of Sacred Falls, is filled with rocks and debris.

Anytime there’s heavy rain, the stream blockage forces water to overflow and flood neighborhoods below.

Flooding in July caused homeowners thousands of dollars worth of damage.

For Holly Smith, who lives on Pokiwai Place, damage cost her $150,000 and is still evident on her main floor.

“When the water comes in, you have a risk of mold. You have to pull appliances. All sheet rock pulled off walls. Hardwood flooring pulled off. Then you hope you don’t get black mold from what’s left in here,” she said.

Smith, along with fellow members of Hauula Community Association, is hosting a special town hall meeting Tuesday night to discuss a resolution to the ongoing flooding problem.

The meeting will be held at Hauula Civic Center at 6:30 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

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