Honolulu teen wins Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’ challenge

Screenshot from Kelsey Ann Murobayshi's winning video.

A Honolulu teenager has won “big” with her innovative solution to traffic.

Kelsey Ann Murobayashi, 17, is one of six winners in Disney’s nationwide “Big Hero 6 XPRIZE Challenge.”

The contest invited youth between the ages of 8 and 17 to harness their creativity and come up with innovative ideas to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges using science, technology, engineering, art and/or mathematics.

Hundreds of videos were submitted and narrowed down to 20 finalists.Then six winners were selected based on a combination of public voting and the scores from a panel of judges.

Murobayashi created a video of self-driving “pods” that use the heat from roads to generate energy so they don’t have to use gasoline. Watch all the winning videos online here.

Her idea was lauded an innovative solution to safer and environmentally friendly transportation.

All six winners, including Murobayashi, will travel to Los Angeles next month to tour Walt Disney Animation Studios and attend the Hollywood premiere of “Big Hero 6.”

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