Lawyer: Aina Haina burglary suspect embarrassed, apologetic

Randi Wolff

The woman arrested for a brazen burglary in Aina Haina feels regretful and embarrassed, her lawyer told KHON2.

Surveillance video taken on Friday, Oct. 17, showed Randi Wolff entering an Aina Haina home uninvited while the homeowners were outside doing yardwork. She was also seen on the video leaving with a bag full of items.

The 35-year-old turned herself into police Monday afternoon and was booked for first-degree burglary. She has not yet been charged.

But attorney Myles Breiner says his client saw herself on social media and is now cooperating with police.

Breiner told KHON2 Wolff is addicted to Oxycontin and went into the home to “feed her habit.”

He says Wolff offers her sincere apologies to the Tsukamoto family.

“(She’s) regretful, miserable. She’s humiliated. She’s embarrassed. She embarrassed her family, her children, her husband, her father. She feels terrible about what she did. She acknowledges she’s responsible for her actions,” he said.

The Tsukamotos reported $30,000 worth of jewelry and other items missing and would like them back.

Breiner says some of those items have been retrieved and he’s waiting for police to pick them up.

He also believes his client is not responsible for the other burglaries in the area.

Days before, the Tsukamotos’ next-door neighbor was also burglarized.

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