Some Pahoa businesses thriving on lava flow hype

Many residents in the area have packed up and left, but KHON found out there’s still a few businesses sticking around.

Visitors from all over the world are flocking to Pahoa, trying to get a glimpse of the lava.

With so many people walking around this town, KHON wanted to know how businesses were holding up.

“It’s busier tonight than it normally is,” said Joseph Chva, an Ainaloa resident. “Yeah, it’s what, Tuesday night. A lot of business. Yeah, I think there’s a lot of people here for that.”

The owner of Kaleo’s says she’s seen a 20 percent increase in business since the lava made headlines.

“There’s a lot curiously about what’s going on,” said Leslie Lai, owner of Kaleo’s. “A lot of people have just been coming to see the lava. They can’t see the lava, but they stop in. They hear the stories about what’s going on and they take a lot of photos so that they’ll have souvenirs of what might happen to Pahoa.”

The owner says the restaurant will remain open unless the lava overtakes her business.

County officials are asking that the public stay away from the lava since it is very dangerous.

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