Thieves use U-Haul truck to burglarize Pearl City home despite witnesses

Aumakua Street

A Pearl City family was the victim of a brazen burglary that occurred in the middle of the day while witnesses looked on.

Yet no one blinked an eye. That’s because the thieves used a U-Haul moving truck and parked it right in front of the home.

For the Shimabukuros, this scenario has gotten really tiresome. Family members say this is the third time their house on Aumakua Street has been burglarized in the last few years.

“Are you afraid of living here now?” KHON2 asked.

“No, I’m okay. It’s just very annoying people can go to your house like this,” said resident Stella Shimabukuro.

This time around, the burglars did something different. They pulled up in a U-Haul truck to make it look like the residents were moving.

Witnesses saw the truck and thought nothing of it. Victims say a television was stolen along with several purses.

“One of the officers said, ‘Are they planning on moving?’ and I said no, they’re not. We would know first if they were moving because we’re related to them,” said Earl Teixeira, Shimabukuro’s nephew.

There is an alarm inside the house, but the problem is none of the neighbors heard it. Now, the couple is thinking about getting another one that the neighbors can hear.

HPD says it’s not aware of thieves using a moving truck as a crime trend, but burglaries in general are not uncommon in the area.

According to HPD’s Crimemapping website, there were seven reported burglaries in the past month within one mile of Tuesday’s incident. Within two miles, more than double at 15.

“For our age, it’s very scary and what can we do, thinking the alarm system will be safe having that on,” Shimabukuro said.

“It’s real sad because they work all their lives and (thieves) just come and steal from them. It’s just sad, really sad,” Teixeira said.

The family is grateful that they weren’t home when any of the burglaries occurred, so nobody was hurt.

HPD is investigating whether or not the U-Haul truck was stolen.

Officials remind everyone that it’s good to know your neighbors, so you know when there’s something suspicious going on.

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