Woman in Moanalua road rage video pleads not guilty

Kimberly Ong

A woman caught on video in a road rage incident in Moanalua appeared in court Thursday for an arraignment and plea.

Kimberly Ong entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of unauthorized entry into a vehicle.

Last month, Ong said she was about to make a turn when the other driver moved into her lane, and then tried to reverse his truck into her van.

That driver, Ryan Arakaki, previously told KHON2 that Ong wasn’t turning, so he decided to move around her.

He recorded video as Ong then crossed in and out of the oncoming lane of traffic, yelling and screaming with a young child in her car.

At one point in the video, Ong could be seen getting out of her vehicle to confront him.

“I think she was trying to whack the phone out of my hand. But yeah, she reached into my vehicle, hit my hand and on the video, you can see my hand jerk back,” Arakaki previously told KHON2.

Ong turned herself into police. She previously told KHON2 she was obviously upset, but looking back, she should have called 911.

“I think these days it’s not uncommon to see videos and then have it turn out later that things aren’t exactly how they appear on the video, but at this point, we pled not guilty,” Ong’s attorney, Victor Bakke, said Thursday. “We are going to wait to see all of the discovery and reports in this case and then we will make our decision on how to proceed.”

Unauthorized entry into a vehicle is a class C felony that could result in a maximum five years in jail.

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