Big Island residents in Halloween spirit despite lava flow

It’s a night where many residents can put aside their worries and celebrate Halloween with family and friends. But the lava threat isn’t far from their minds.

Every year, the Nanawale Community Center puts on its annual Pumpkin Patch event. It’s free and open to everyone in the community.

“It’s an awesome night,” said Ross Kottwitz, a Nanawale resident. “We really appreciate Nanawale Association for putting this on for the kids. Otherwise they’d be out there in the rain with pretty much no candy to trick.”

For some families, the threat of lava has impacted their job, and has even forced their children to relocate schools.

“We need a break,” said Pete Teijeiro, a worker at Pahoa High School. “We have to have fun. She’s enjoying herself. It’s nice. It’s stress buster. And my kids can play with some of the kids they go to school with.”

Although these residents are not going to let Madame Pele ruin their spirits tonight, they remain vigilant and concerned for those directly affected by the lava.


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