Coast Guard re-opens Kauai port

The Coast Guard re-opened the port of Nawiliwili, Kauai, Sunday after a possible obstruction in the water.

On Friday evening, Tug Moana Holo and its deck barge Maka’ala ran aground near the entrance to Nawiliwili Harbor. The tug and barge had begun a return, sailing with cargo, to Honolulu Harbor when the incident occurred.

No employees were injured, no cargo on the barge was lost or damaged, and no fuel or oil leaked from either of the vessels.

The tug and barge immediately returned to Nawiliwili pier. Cargo on the barge was offloaded and reloaded onto an alternate barge, the Ho’omakahou.

During dive operations of the barge Maka’ala Sunday, a 30-by-15 foot skeg was discovered missing.

A skeg is similar to a rudder, but is a fixed extension to the stern of a barge which assists in steering.

Out of caution, the port was closed to all traffic.

The operating company is working diligently with contractors to locate and mark the skeg.

The skeg remains missing, but poses no threat to navigation.


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