Hawaii Island police investigating report of person impersonating government official

Pahoa Village Road

Hawaii Island police are investigating a report made Friday by a Pahoa resident who said a man with a clipboard showed up at her home and claimed to be a government agency official who was there to assess any possible damage done to her property due to the lava flow.

Daryl Oliveira, administrator of Hawaii County Civil Defense, said in a Sunday telephone press conference that nothing has been yet confirmed.

Oliveira said that such a person “would have an official government ID and vehicle to identify himself, as well as probably wearing a safety vest.”

Besides barricades and roadblocks to keep outsiders clear of the Pahoa area, “there is a significant law enforcement presence of police and National Guard in the area,” he said.

When asked how could such a person get past the roadblocks, Oliveira said that “there is some indication that this could’ve been an resident in the area. We’ll have a better idea of the population that are in the blocked-in area, including those who are homeless, who may not have been previously accounted for.”

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