Daredevil makes two death-defying tightrope walks in Chicago

(Discovery Channel/CNN) — Nik Wallenda has done it again! The daredevil took his high wire act to Chicago, making two death-defying tightrope walks Sunday, as thousands of anxious people watched from below.

His first walk was nearly 700 feet off the ground, over two football fields high, with Wallenda teetering 450 feet across while climbing over eight stories, the wire quivering beneath his feet from the Windy City’s nearly 30 mile-per-hour gusts.

Upping the heart-stopping ante with his second walk, Wallenda was blindfolded as he walked between two skyscrapers almost 600 feet high in the sky.

The steel wire, no wider than a nickel, was the only thing separating Wallenda and the thousands of anxious spectators below, for a total of about eight minutes.

For his amazing feat, Wallenda nabbed two Guinness World Records.

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