Meheula Parkway repaving hiccup causes traffic headaches

Meheula Parkway

Some people say traffic in Central Oahu is horrible as the city makes over Meheula Parkway as part of its five-year repaving plan.

One resident contacted Action Line wondering why crews left without finishing the job, and traffic lights are not synchronized, creating more backups.

Rep. Beth Fukumoto (R-Mililani Mauka, Mililani) says her office constantly receives calls from residents, wondering about the project.

She says it can take 45 minutes to drive two blocks. “It’s been horrible,” she said. “It’s been taking people an hour to get their kids at Mililani High School.”

Meheula Parkway is one of the main roads in Mililani and the only access to Mililani Mauka.

Crews began repaving in March, but then stopped without finishing.

“We just call and call and ask for updates and every week we are told next week, next week, next week and it’s still not done,” Fukumoto said.

She and others believe that affects traffic, because crews cannot synchronize traffic lights until the roadwork is complete.

“It was really bad. I would detour. I would take (Kamehameha) Highway,” said Mililani resident Dereck Suan.

KHON2 contacted the city, and officials say the project ran into a problem but is nearly complete.

“There was a box culvert drain that needed more repair than we anticipated so what we decided to do was stop. There’s only one more layer that needs to be done there,” said Robert Kroning, director, city Department of Design and Construction.

Lights are pretty important because there’s crosswalks everywhere, there’s an elementary school,” said Mililani resident Brandon Manago.

The city says the traffic signals are synchronized based on timers, but that should change by December.

“They’re in the process right now of putting in the loop detectors which then senses when a car is in the intersection or in one of the turn lanes, and it adjusts the timing based on whose actually in the intersection,” Kroning said.

Suan says the headaches are worth it. “I think so because the cars take a beating,” he said. “We need the roads fixed so we pay the price.”

“In the end, I think everybody’s going to be very happy with a very nice road throughout Mililani,” Kroning said.

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