Woman who smashed Iolani Palace door sentenced, apologizes in court

Drew Paahao

The woman who smashed a priceless glass door at Iolani Palace has been sentenced to a year in prison.

The judge also said if Drew Paahao manages to be good for four years, her record will be wiped clean.

Paahao was caught on surveillance video in February walking through the grand hall of the palace after breaking the 130-year-old glass door.

The fair market value of the door was appraised at $100,000.

Paahao pleaded guilty in August to criminal property damage in the first degree and burglary in the second degree.

Her attorney says she feels bad for what she did. “It was a source of shame for her and her family. She’s been through a lot. People have severely damaged her,” said public defender Steven Nicols.

“I would like to say that it was my fault and none other. I did not put blame on anyone else,” Paahao said in court. “I’m trying to collect myself and do better unto myself and others to be a productive member of society once again, hopefully.”

Paahao has been in jail since February.

She must also pay a $11,500 fine.

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