Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii removes graffiti from Kauai park

Photo: County of Kauai

Many of Kauai’s youth gathered this week to clean up a community park.

Roughly 20 members of the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii, ages 11 to 13, painted over graffiti at Puhi Regional Park, focusing on the interior walls of the men’s and women’s restrooms and exterior door of the men’s room.

“We are very grateful to the Boys and Girls Club for cleaning up the graffiti at Puhi Park,” said Lenny Rapozo, director of the Department of Parks and Recreation. “Hopefully, the vandals can learn from these fine young people about respecting public facilities.”

“It was a great opportunity for our members to bond and give back to the community,” said Lihue Clubhouse Director Asaka Herman.

The project was led by youth development specialist Grace Peralta, and paint and brushes were provided by the county’s Adopt-A-Park program.

For more information about the Adopt-A-Park program, call (808) 241-6623.

Photo: County of Kauai
Photo: County of Kauai

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