Hazmat team repairs Waikiki hotel chemical leak

On Friday morning, a hazmat team from the Honolulu Fire Dept. closed off a leak in the chlorine system in the basement of the Sheraton Waikiki that was emitting fumes.

As a precaution, the surrounding area of Lewers Street and Kalia Road was cordoned off.

The report was made around 8:40 a.m. Friday. The leak was due to a faulty swimming pool pump hose. The hotel reports that the hose has been replaced and the leak contained.

Three employees later complained of nausea and irritation to their respiratory system.  They were evaluated by Emergency Medical Services personnel and refused treatment. No other injuries or illnesses were reported.

There were no evacuations of the guest rooms at the hotel.

Two members of HFD's hazmat team enter the chemical "hot zone." (Courtesy HFD)
Two members of HFD’s hazmat team enter the chemical “hot zone.” (Courtesy HFD)

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