Texas beagle rides on side of ambulance to stay with owner

Buddy the beagle
Buddy the beagle

MASON, TX (KLST/CNN) – A story out of Texas about a man’s best friend is making national news headlines.

The beagle showed his extreme loyalty by refusing to be left behind when his owner was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

He became a stowaway on the outside of the ambulance!

Buddy is a 35-pound beagle and he lives on White Ranch about 20 miles from Mason.

Buddy the beagle
Buddy the beagle

“I’m impressed with his loyalty and his idea that he’s going to help me and it was a help. I felt a little more comfortable,” said Buddy’s owner John Rector ‘JR’ Nickleson.

Last month, Nickleson was transported from the ranch to Fredricksburg in a Mason County ambulance because of high blood pressure. Little did he know Buddy was riding along, and stayed on for about 20 miles. Buddy was actually standing on the back step of the ambulance.

“And I didn’t know… I don’t remember them stopping; but, a motorist flagged him down, said there was a dog riding along what I call a ‘running board,'” said Nickleson.

Back at the ranch, Brian Wright had locked the house after Nickleson was transported, but didn’t see Buddy. Wright left the ranch and drove to the hospital, and couldn’t believe it when he saw Buddy there.

“The first thing that flashed through my mind is ‘oh my God, what could have happened to Buddy and all these horrible things’ and the second thing was ‘isn’t this the most incredible dog?'” Wright said.

Each day at the ranch, Buddy rides along with Nickleson and Wright while they’re checking water and other things.

“He usually rides on the floorboards between the two of us. He doesn’t miss much,” said Nickleson.

“Is it true loyalty or did he just want to go for a ride? I don’t have the answer; but, there’s definitely something about JR and Buddy that is very unique and heartwarming,” Wright said.

So what’s next for Buddy the dog? Nickleson says he’s not sure, but he’s sure whatever it is, it’ll be a wild adventure.

By the way, Buddy’s loyalty developed quickly.

Nickleson adopted buddy from the Mason County Animal Shelter just four months ago.

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