City waiting on parts for McCully crosswalk lights, blames previous administration

South King Street

Walking across South King Street can be difficult, especially during peak traffic times.

Back in September, the flashing crosswalk lights near Times Supermarket malfunctioned and haven’t been fixed.

Without those lights, pedestrians says it’s harder to cross the road, especially at night.

Residents say they’re concerned since so many seniors walk in the area.

“Sometimes I see old people crossing and it looks really sketchy with the cars speeding down this road. So yeah, it’d be better if they just fix the light,” said Donovan Faitau, a McCully resident.

“They have a struggle because obviously they walk slow. So it takes them time to get across the street. And get some drivers impatient, so they don’t want to wait and stop for them to cross the street. So they just keep going,” said Preeda Kodani, a McCully resident.

We wanted to know why the lights were still out. So we went to the city to get answers.

“So that light was put in as a pilot project under a prior administration and when they put it in, unfortunately, they didn’t give us inventory. They didn’t give us the replacement manual or the things that we need to send a team out to fix it,” said Mike Formby, Department of Transportation Services Director.

Residents who frequently use the crosswalk say even when the lights were working, not all cars would stop.

“I don’t think they really work as much having these lights like this because cars don’t even respect. And they don’t even stop. They did have the little lights, but they still don’t stop,” said Beatriz Cruz, a McCully resident.

“There is some concern that when you have a street that wide and you have those types of lights, even when some people stop in one or two lanes, other cars still go through the crosswalk,” said Formby.

While no formal decision has been made to expand the pilot project, the city says it is looking into other types of pedestrian warning signals.

“We’re looking to expand it, but not necessarily through that model So there’s other flashing lights, rapid flashing beacons that we have on the side of the road that serve the same purpose, that let motorists know somebody’s in the crosswalk,” said Formby.

The city says it doesn’t have a timeline on when the lights will be repaired.

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