Auditor releases report on medical marijuana dispensaries

Three months ago KHON2 reported that state lawmakers on a task force were meeting with the public — exploring different ways that medical marijuana dispensaries could be set up, if they’re ever allowed in Hawaii.

On Tuesday, the State Office of the Auditor chimed in, releasing a report which was prepared for the Governor and the Legislature.

It says if created, a system of medical marijuana dispensaries should be regulated to protect the health, safety and welfare of qualifying patients, as well as the community as a whole.

House Bill 1587 was introduced last session to create a system of dispensaries, but it never made it out of the House.

The Auditor recommends several amendments like: requiring dispensaries to be licensed and putting the Department of Health in charge.

“They’d be able to designate where these dispensaries would be — maybe not too close to schools or other areas where children are present, as well as ensure that the quality and types of marijuana, the strains and active ingredients and that the controlled substance would be protected so that it wouldn’t be tampered with or in any other way contaminated,” Acting State Auditor Jan Yamane said.

Currently, medical marijuana patients in Hawaii have to grow their own plants, or some even get them on the black market.

The full report:

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