Waimanalo teen finds another stranger sleeping in home

The Crummer family home in Waimanalo.

A teenage girl woke up to find an intruder sleeping in her home in Waimanalo. It happened twice in less than a year and involved two different intruders.

“I don’t understand why it keeps happening to me and my family,” said Donald Crummer, the girl’s father.

Crummer had already left for work Saturday morning when he got a phone call from police. His teenage daughter was home alone and found a stranger sleeping on their living room couch.

“She woke up at 9:30. She walked out in the front room. Saw him, grabbed one of my kendo sticks, barricaded herself inside my bedroom. Locked the doors and called 911,” said Crummer.

Crummer couldn’t believe it and rushed back home.

Bradley Lindsey
Bradley Lindsey (middle)

Honolulu police arrested Bradley Lindsey, 21, for unauthorized entry of a dwelling. He was charged and appeared in court Monday morning.

Bradley remains in custody, unable to post $20,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for Wednesday.

Back in May, Crummer had a similar encounter. His same teenage daughter woke up and found a man sleeping in her bedroom. Forty-five minutes and four 911 calls later, police finally arrived to the home.

But this time, Crummer’s daughter didn’t wait long.

“The good thing about it, this time, extremely quick police response. They were there within three minutes of the 911 phone call,” said Crummer. “You asked me before, ‘Do you think anything is going to come of this? If any change is gonna be made?’ Well, obviously some changes have been made and they stepped up and they did their job well.”

Crummer says he doesn’t know how the suspect got inside of his home since there were no signs of a forced entry. Now that it’s happened again, he’ll be making some changes.

“I’m a general contractor. I’m obviously going to secure my home better. I’m going to build a sliding, rolling gate in front of my house. I’m going to put my dogs in the front yard from now on,” said Crummer.

As for his daughter, Crummer says she’s a tough kid, but knows the outcome could’ve been a lot different.

“She’s trained in my martial arts school. She’s a pretty outstanding young lady. She’s kind of laughing at the dumb luck of it all. And thank God we can laugh at it. Thank God that nothing has happened to this point,” said Crummer.

We still don’t know why it took police 45 minutes to respond to the first incident in May. An internal investigation is ongoing.

The suspect in that case, John Fritz, pled no contest and will be sentenced next month.

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