Coach on Mariota’s success: ‘It wasn’t an unreachable goal’

One man not surprised at all by the success Oregon quarterback and Heisman finalist Marcus Mariota is enjoying is St. Louis School quarterback coach Vince Passas.

Passas, who’s known as somewhat of a local QB guru, told KHON2 he noticed something special about Mariota when he was a freshman on the junior varsity team.

He also said everything you hear about Mariota being the squeaky clean, team player is not only true, but has been the case from the day he first met him.

“He had all the qualities and all he needed was an opportunity and he finally got that opportunity and he’s made the most of it,” Passas said. “He always had a good work ethic and you knew if he kept working hard and getting better every day, what he’s done, it wasn’t an unreachable goal for him.”

Passas says if given a chance to play in the right system, he envisions Mariota being an immediate success in the NFL.

Passas by the way, is on a plane to New York City right now as one of Mariota’s invited guests at the awards ceremony on Saturday.

You can watch it live on ESPN at 3 p.m. Hawaii time.

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