State seeks volunteers to measure Internet performance


SamKnows Whitebox
SamKnows Whitebox

The state is seeking volunteers to participate in Measuring Broadband Hawaii, a program that measures Internet speed and performance in the islands.

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) Cable Television Division (CATV) is expanding Hawaii’s volunteers under the Federal Communications Commission’s Measuring Broadband America program.

The FCC project was launched to accurately measure broadband speeds across the nation.

The goal of the Measuring Broadband Hawaii program is to increase the information available to consumers and policymakers about Internet service performance across the state, with special focus on rural communities.

Participants of the program will receive free devices called “whiteboxes” that plug into their cable/DSL modem or router. The device runs periodic tests to measure the speed and quality of the participants’ Internet service.

By monitoring the volunteer’s network traffic levels, the device runs only when the network is not being used.

The FCC says that the device does not require a lot of technical expertise to install, and assures volunteers that it does not collect any data other than broadband performance.

Participants will receive access to a personal reporting suite that allows them to monitor their own Internet service performance in real-time.

The sign-up web page is found at:

Measuring Broadband Hawaii

Measuring Broadband America

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