2 arrested in Kailua after burglary, manhunt

Police arrest Edison Stanley (Photo: Larry Williams)

A man and a woman are in custody Tuesday after yet another burglary in Kailua.

It happened at a home on S. Kalaheo Avenue. According to police, neighbors responded quickly, preventing the suspected thieves from getting away.

Neighbors say the male suspect, Edison Stanley, 31, broke into the home by pulling the jalousie windows off. But once he got inside, the alarm rang.

That’s when neighbors started questioning the suspects. They say the female suspect, who was waiting outside, drove off.

Police chased her down and arrested her, but Stanley ran away and a manhunt was on.

“I saw the police helicopter flying over my house,” said Kailua resident Larry Williams. “I walked out of my gate and right here on the corner, they were apprehending a gentleman.”

Neighbors say Stanley stopped at a house to hide, but startled a woman and baby inside, so he took off.

Neighbors say he then ran along the beach and tried to hide at a house that was being renovated, but construction workers helped by waving at the police chopper.

Stanley was caught and arrested for burglary.

Neighbors were already on edge after Sunday’s violent burglary that left a victim with multiple stab wounds.

This incident made them even more nervous.

“After the stabbing down (on Kaikea Place), yes,” Williams said. “I don’t know whether it’s the season and everybody thinks Kailua’s a good to rob, I don’t know.”

“I’m very relieved they were caught, but I know there’s more out there, so be careful,” said another resident who did not want to be identified. “My advice is lock your doors, keep your louvers shut and most of all, call 911 if you see anything.”

Police say it helped that the home that was burglarized had a loud alarm that neighbors heard right away. Also, neighbors acted quickly and called 911.

Records show Stanley has four burglary convictions. He’s also been found guilty of kidnapping and robbery, and was released from prison less than a month ago.

The female suspect has no known criminal record.

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